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    Soins palliatifs, cahiers d'aromathérapie

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    Authors: Dominique Baudoux, Jean-Michel Blanchard and Anne-Françoise Malotaux 17 x 24 cm - 318 pages - ISBN: 2-930353-34-1 This book is a perfect continuation of the previous ones. The reader will find the foundations of scientific aromatherapy invested in the care of patients at the end of life. The practical formulas are numerous and perfectly adapted to this type of patient. But there is also a human dimension through the warmth of touch and sensory massage thanks to some rare and precious essential oils. The fragrant essential oils welcome visiting relatives, just as they soothe the spirit of those who will soon leave for the last journey. This book brings a deep and true richness where serenity is certainly a tangible proof of the unavoidable necessity of essential oils in these care units.



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