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    Dermatologie, les cahiers professionnels d'aromathérapie

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    A second volume in the series highlighting the skin organ, which is often ignored or misunderstood, even though it has a primary role in health management.

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    Authors: Dominique Baudoux - volume 2 17 x 24 cm - 292 pages Dominique baudoux talks about essential oils and their synergies in all skin tissue problems. They like to underline the effects of these plant quintessences on the skin, through the skin, beyond the skin... A whole programme if you integrate the close relationship between skin disorders and the emotions that the patient experiences. The skin is thus the mirror of the emotional health of the individual. An organ in its own right, an essential emunctory, the skin offers the informed therapist precious clues for identifying the most varied disorders affecting the patient. Dermatology has found new tools: essential oils whose powers will amaze both the patient and the therapist.



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