Organic Regenerating Beauty Kit - Rose & Jojoba

    This set brings together three of your favourite products for a complete slow beauty routine. It contains Organic Fluide régénérateur, a day care product that protects the skin from ageing and gives it a lot of radiance, Damask Rose Hydrosol to tone, regenerate and cleanse the skin and Organic Jojoba Oil, to be used as a make-up remover, for body care or hair care.

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    New! Our Ritual beauty boxes have been given a makeover and are now available in a pretty cotton pouch! Presentation This boxed set brings together three natural beauty essentials: - Organic Fluide Régénérateur - 10 ml This fluid contains organic essential oil of cistus. Usually this is of French or Spanish origin, but the cistus oil in this batch is of Moroccan origin. The terroir and climate influence the smell of each essential oil, so this cistus essential oil does not have the same smell as previous batches. This does not affect the effectiveness and use of your product, however you may notice a slightly different smell. - organic Damask rose hydrosol - 100 ml - organic Jojoba vegetable oil - 100 ml These three natural beauty essentials are particularly suitable for dry, normal and mature skin. Properties The Organic Fluide Régénérateur is applied to the face, bust and neck. It is one of your favourite Bioflore products! It nourishes, moisturizes and prevents skin aging. It tones the skin, brings light and radiance to the complexion, and helps to improve the skin's firmness. Organic Damask Rose hydrosol is applied to the entire face and neck. It is your favourite Bioflore hydrolat! It is the universal plant tonic that beautifies and regenerates all skin types, refines the skin texture, fights the appearance of wrinkles and purifies the skin. A marvel with a magical scent! Organic Jojoba vegetable oil is a very versatile essential: it can be used as a face care product, body care product, make-up remover and hair care product! Its exceptional composition, very close to human sebum, makes it an oil that is very well tolerated by the skin. Penetrating, it does not leave a greasy film and helps to soften and protect the skin, while preventing dehydration. For a complete skincare routine, we recommend the following ritual: In the morning, cleanse your face with organic Damask rose hydrosol, applied with a cotton pad or washable wipe. Then apply a few drops of your organic Fluide régénérateur all over your face or simply apply jojoba oil if you prefer to use the regenerating fluid only at night. You can then apply make-up if you wish! In the evening, remove your make-up with organic Jojoba oil by massaging a few drops into dry skin with your eyes closed. Rinse with clear water and then proceed to cleanse the skin with a very gentle cleanser such as our Gentle and Balanced Shower Shampoo. Apply Damask rose hydosol and then reapply a few drops of Organic Fluide Régénérateur before going to bed if you find your skin needs comfort. You can also leave your skin "naked" at night if you prefer or use only jojoba oil. Your skin is fresh, radiant and toned, enveloped in the delicate plant scents of rose hydrosol and organic Fluide régénérateur! Non-contractual photo: the design of the cotton pouch may vary.