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    Slow face routine

    The essential natural skincare duo for beautiful skin with a minimum of products. This pretty fabric pouch contains 100 ml of organic jojoba oil and 100 ml of organic aloe vera gel, two multi-purpose care products for daily care of the face and for all skin types.

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    This pretty organic cotton pouch contains :

    Organic jojoba oil - 100 ml

    moisturises, softens, nourishes and balances all skin types, without any greasy effect. Gentle, non-comedogenic, protective, it balances the skin and protects it from the effects of skin ageing.

    It is used: on the face, as a day and/or night care, on the body and as a hair oil. 

    Our tip: we also like it as a natural make-up remover. Simply massage your face with a little oil in gentle circular movements to loosen impurities, then rinse with warm water before cleansing your skin with a very gentle cleanser. This is called "double cleansing", a very effective slow ritual for beautiful skin!

    Organic aloe vera gel - 100 ml

    This gel concentrates a number of exceptional active ingredients essential to the beauty of the skin: trace elements, minerals (zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese...), vitamins... Very rich in aloe vera, it helps to reduce the inflammatory state of the skin and promotes healing.

    We use it: on the face, as a day care or serum, on the hair as a natural gel or to coat the ends, in all our recipes for homemade masks, to soothe all the little hurts on the skin, as an after-shave or post-depilation treatment. 

    Our tip: to make a quick moisturiser, mix a dab of aloe vera  gel with the equivalent of jojoba oil in the palm of your hand!

    Organic cotton make-up remover

    This replaces disposable cotton pads to reduce our waste. It can be washed in the washing machine at 40° or 60°, preferably with an ecological detergent!


    Non-contractual photo: the design of the cotton pouch may vary.

    Slow cosmétique label