Organic sweet orange diffuser kit

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    An organic cotton pouch with a wooden capillary diffuser and a 10 ml organic sweet orange essential oil. A nice gift to perfume a small room, bedroom or office and enjoy the anti-stress, soothing and calming effect of organic sweet orange essential oil.

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    A wooden capillary diffuser

    This small diffuser works without electricity or heating and diffuses the essential oils by capillary action. It is perfect for small spaces, such as a bedroom or office.

    To use, place the tree-shaped wooden stick into the bottle of sweet orange essential oil, then replace the bottle in the wooden tube. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils in a gentle way.

    Organic sweet orange essential oil 10 ml

    With its delicate, sweet, fruity and tangy aroma, this essential oil is a favourite. A must in aromatherapy, it provides soothing benefits and promotes lightness, cheerfulness and carefreeness. It is a wonderful anti-stress essential oil and a great ally to facilitate sleep and peaceful nights.

    When diffused, it promotes a relaxed atmosphere in the office and a peaceful sleep in the bedroom.

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