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    Christmas set

    We have chosen three essential oils with Christmas scents. To be discovered in a 5 ml bottle. Joyful like sweet orange, warm and spicy like clove, full of emotion like the balsam fir, king of this celebration.

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    Sweet orange essential oil: lightness, cheerfulness, the carefree world of childhood. It is used for atmospheric diffusion but can also be used to flavour desserts. A calming but also digestive contribution. Clove essential oil: its warm, spicy aroma with a roundness that is reminiscent of old spirits. It will trigger the vital force needed for any new project. The new year is approaching, great resolutions sometimes need a boost. Diffuse discreetly or dilute (1 to 3%) in vegetable oil to make an invigorating massage oil. Balsam fir essential oil: The feeling of openness, the availability to mental escape that it induces, is coloured by a childlike smile totally anchored in the present and without fear for the future. It is not without reason that we are the Christmas tree! A broadcast classic. In diffusion, these three EO can also be associated. Sweet orange and fir will be associated in equal parts. Add a few drops of clove to spice things up a bit.