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Emulsifier for day cream

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It thickens and stabilises creams and adds smoothness to any preparation.

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Oil-in-water emulsifier for creamy emulsion, granules Ingredients : CETEARYL ALCOHOL, CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE Association of emulsifiers of vegetable origin, derived from coconut and glucose. This emulsifier is biodegradable, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It is recognised by the organic cosmetics labels. You can use it to obtain a traditional day cream. Cosmetic indications - All emulsions: lotions and moisturisers - Anti-ageing care - eye contour care - Foundation, make-up - Body care, firming, hand care - Facial cleansers - Sun and after-sun products - Baby care Example of an anti-ageing cream We have tried it out for you during our workshops! Depending on your intention, you will be free to use other hydrosols, other vegetable oils, other essential oils... The steps of the elaboration will remain identical. Useful reminder: in addition to the raw material, which is organic, the chemical ingredients used are easy to use, without any disadvantages and (consequently) recognised by the organic cosmetics labels. For 200 ml of cream Ingredients : Oil phase : 80 ml organic apricot kernel oil 4 g day cream emulsifier (cetearyl alcohol + cetearyl glucoside) 2.5 g organic cocoa butter 5 g organic yellow or white beeswax 15 drops of Vitamin E Aqueous phase : 120 ml organic rose hydrosol 1 teaspoon of organic Aloe Vera gel 0.6 g Urea 0,6 g Potassium sorbate 1g Xanthan Gum Aromatic part : Organic chemotyped essential oils (1-3% of total, i.e. 2-6 ml) rose geranium bourbon (tonic, astringent, anti-ageing - 1 to 3 ml) yellow sandalwood (moisturising action - 1 to 3 ml) Instructions for use : 1) Transfer and heat the apricot kernel oil, day cream emulsifier, cocoa butter and white beeswax in the bain-marie pan. 2) Transfer and heat the rose hydrosol with the Xanthan gum in the other pan in a bain-marie. Also add the urea and potassium sorbate. 3) Heat the two phases separately in a water bath. The oil phase should be completely homogeneous (+/- 62°C) and the water phase slightly heated. Remove the pans from the heat. After the heating process, add the Aloe Vera gel to the water phase. 4) When the two phases are at the same temperature, slowly pour the water phase into the oil phase while stirring vigorously with a mini whisk for about 3 minutes. The mixture will become homogeneous. Tip: if you do not have a thermometer, take the containers out of the water bath when the emulsifying wax is completely melted and the water phase starts to simmer. 5) Without ceasing to stir, place the container in a basin of cold water to accelerate the cooling and setting of the emulsion for another 3 minutes. 6) Finally add the rest of the ingredients, the essential oils and the vitamin E, mixing well between each addition. 7) Transfer the preparation to your small jar of day cream, label it.

Slow cosmétique label