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Cosmetic ingredients

Gentle Foaming Base

Our Gentle Foaming Base bottle allows you to make your own shampoos and shower gels, as its name indicates, gently and without damaging your skin.

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Plantapon, gentle foaming base INCI : Sodium cocoamphoacetate, Glycerin, Lauryl glucoside, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Sodium lauryl glucose, Carboxylat Set of amphoteric, anionic and non-ionic surfactants. This product is biodegradable and recognised by the specifications of organic cosmetics. It is used in the manufacture of shampoos, shower gels, face gels, bath formulations, etc. when gentleness and affinity with the skin are required. Dosage: 20-50%. Recipe for an Immunity Shampoo-Gel : For 200 ml of shampoo and shower gel: Aqueous phase (60%) : - 60 ml mineral water - 35 ml chamomile hydrosol - 7.4 ml Aloe vera gel - 2.15 g xanthan gum - 2.5 g hydrolysed wheat protein (= 10ml) - 0.5 g citric acid: 0.5 g (= 0.45 ml) - 5 ml vegetable glycerine Oil phase (5%): - 4 ml coconut vegetable oil - 2 ml argan oil - 4 ml avocado oil Surfactants (33%) : - 40 ml of gentle foaming base (this product sheet) - 13 ml decyl glucoside - 13 ml coco-glucoside Preservatives + aromatic part (1-3%) : - 1.6 ml cosgard - 2 ml of an aromatic synergy to boost immunity: one part ravintsara (or marjoram) and one part Scotch pine. For a total of 80 drops maximum. Note: Viscosity varies according to the ingredients added, which is why it is necessary to be precise in weighing. Instructions for use : 1) Transfer the water phase (mineral water, hydrolat, citric acid and wheat proteins) to a container to be heated. The aloe and glycerine will be added at the end of the recipe. 2) Heat this phase over a low heat in a bain-marie until the citric acid and wheat protein have melted. Stir gently while heating until the mixture is homogeneous. Remove from heat and sprinkle with xanthan gum. Whisk until a gel is formed. 3) In another container, transfer the oil phase and heat very slightly in a water bath to approximately the same temperature as the water phase. 4) Gradually add the oil phase to the water phase, mixing gently with the mini whisk. When the preparation is lukewarm, add the aloe vera and glycerin. 5) Slowly add the surfactants. Slowly stirring the mixture will prevent it from bubbling. 6) Finally, add the preservatives and essential oils, always mixing gently between each addition. 7) Transfer the preparation into the bottle using the small funnel if necessary.

Slow cosmétique label