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Water-in-oil emulsifier

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This emulsifier allows you to make 'water-in-oil' cosmetic preparations. Very well tolerated by the skin, it is an essential ingredient in your emulsions.

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INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate This emulsifier is particularly effective. The skin's tolerance to it is excellent. Its stability against oxidation processes by free radicals makes it very useful in sun protection preparations. It allows the preparation of "water-in-oil" emulsions in which the water content can be as high as 80%. This makes it possible to produce a moisturising and protective cream that is more persistent than the more classic "oil-in-water" creams and much less greasy than might be feared. Consequently, such a cream would be just as suitable for dehydrated skin with a tendency to be oily. Plant origin, derived from castor oil. Presented in a viscous liquid form, without aroma and very lightly coloured brown. pH 5-5.5 - processing temperature: 75 to 80° C. Dosage: lotions, fluids, 2-3% - creams 3-5% - sun products 5%