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    Organic Lemon balm essential oil diluted to 3%.

    Lemon balm has been used since Antiquity and had a good place in monastic gardens. A generous aromatic plant, still cultivated today, its nectar undeniably attracts bees. It gives an essential oil of great lightness, rare and precious. The fact that it is diluted here does not detract from its lemony, sparkling fragrance, which is thus accessible at a very reasonable price.

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    Quality Botanical family: Lamiaceae Latin name: Melissa officinalis Origin: Hungary Cultivation: Controlled organic agriculture - Certisys-BE1 control Part used: Aerial part Production process: Steam distillation Quality: 100% pure, natural, integral and chemotyped Olfactory notes: herbaceous, lemony, fresh Main constituents Terpene aldehydes: geranial (33%), neral (22%), citronellal (11%) Sesquiterpenes: beta-caryophyllene (9.5%), germacrene D (1%) Monoterpenols Presentation Dilution of the pure essential oil, at 3%, in organic virgin Jojoba oil Our opinion Neither restrained like verbena, nor too direct like litsea, this lemon balm is light, simple and generous. This presentation in a diluted form allows you to use it easily and to find all its fragrances, without any detours. Precautions for use Not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy or in young children. Irritant in its pure state: make sure to dilute it sufficiently for skin use. Risk of allergy (limonene, linalool, citronnellol, citral, geraniol, iso-eugenol): take care not to overdose in mixtures. An elbow test is recommended prior to any skin application (min 48 hours before use). Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and light.

    General tonus & Energy
    Small winter ailments
    Smooth digestion
    anxiety and distress
    seasonal allergies
    Skin type
    Dry skin
    Oily skin
    Sensitive skin
    Wrinkles & fine lines
    blemished skin
    mixed skin
    Face concerns
    Loss of firmness
    Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    sensitivities & redness
    Be supported during a difficult passage
    Better live the moment
    Expressing emotions
    Expressing oneself when one is withdrawn, mute
    Promote intuition, inspiration, creativity
    Seek emotional comfort
    To free oneself from negative feelings that generate anxiety
    Slimness & firmness



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