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    Holy Basil Tulsi Hydrosol 100ml

    In the Ayurvedic tradition, tulsi basil is known to stimulate vitality and prolong longevity. Considered as an adaptogen, tulsi basil is used to support the body in its daily life in the face of stress and fatigue. Its hydrosol is also used for the beauty of the skin and hair which it detoxifies and purifies. This 100% local hydrosol comes from Belgium!

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    • Botanical name: Ocimum sanctum
    • Botanical family: Lamiaceae
    • Origin: Belgium
    • Hydrosol distilled from spring water, pure, natural, preservative-free, from certified organic farming: Certisys label
    • Concentration: all our hydrolats are grade 1, which means that one kilo of plants are distilled for one litre of water, which guarantees a very high quality hydrolat, rich in active ingredients and with an intense fragrance

    In the Ayurvedic tradition, tulsi basil is reputed to stimulate vitality and prolong longevity. Considered an adaptogen, it promotes general vitality, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to cope with stress and other environmental stresses.

    This hydrosol comes from a traditional distillery in Belgium, for a local, fresh and active product.

    In spray:

    • it promotes well-being, dispels clouds and worries that clutter the mind
    • it helps you to get back to sleep peacefully,
    • it promotes inspiration

    It can be used as a tonic or as an ingredient in a mask, a cream for:

    • purify the face
    • soothe irritated skin
    • cleanse and tone the scalp

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