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    Hot massage stone set

    This kit allows you to perform hot stone massages at home to relieve tension and provide general well-being. It contains 5 basalt stones for a Hawaiian-inspired massage.

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    • an organic cotton pouch
    • 5 basalt massage stones, of identical size

    Inspired by the Hawaiian massage tradition, this kit is ideal for those who love hot stone massages. The basalt stones can be used alone or with vegetable oil, placing them on the acupressure points of the body, such as the collarbones, trapezius, hands, feet, etc.

    Cleaning of stones:

    1. Rinse under cold water
    2. Clean them with soapy water without essential oils.
    3. Disinfect your stones with an antibacterial solution
    4. Place your stones in a container with water and sea salt for 20 minutes
    5. Then make sure to dry them well.

    Hot stone massages are not recommended for pregnant women.

    Non-contractual photo: the design of the cotton pouch may vary.

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