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    Natural Toothpaste Kit coconut and tea tree

    This do-it-yourself cosmetic kit contains all the ingredients to make your own natural zero waste toothpaste recipe. Very easy to make, this effective and gentle toothpaste combines the purifying properties of coconut oil and tea tree with the gentle abrasive power of white clay. It leaves a fresh sensation in the mouth and teeth white.

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    New! Our do-it-yourself cosmetic kits have been given a makeover and are now available in a pretty cotton pouch! Presentation Ideal to start with the slow zero waste cosmetics, this kit contains everything you need to make a natural and biodegradable toothpaste. It also allows you to introduce natural care to your friends and family in a fun way. This kit contains : - a cotton pouch - 50 ml organic virgin coconut oil - 10 ml organic tea tree oil - a 20 g jar of ultrafine white clay 20g - a glass jar Properties This toothpaste is both effective and very gentle on the teeth. It ensures perfect oral hygiene, gives a fresh feeling in the mouth and helps to keep the teeth white. A little zoom on the ingredients: - Tea tree essential oil, antibacterial, purifying and cleansing - coconut vegetable oil, rich in lauric acid with antimicrobial properties - ultra-fine white clay with gentle abrasive power to gently polish tooth enamel That's all and that's a lot! No need for chemicals for a beautiful smile and perfect dental hygiene! What's more, the ingredients of this toothpaste are biodegradable and do not pollute the aquatic environment! Non-contractual photo: the design of the cotton pouch may vary.



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