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Poudre de noyau d'olive - exfoliant
Poudre de noyau d'olive - exfoliant
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Plant extracts

Organic Olive kernel Powder Scrub 30g

With its intense exfoliating power, this vegetable and natural olive kernel powder effectively eliminates and removes dead cells and impurities. It can be easily integrated into all your home cosmetic recipes such as natural face or body scrubs, exfoliating soap, exfoliating paste, exfoliating cream. Biodegradable, it does not pollute the aquatic environment.

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Presentation The organic olive kernel powder is made from very finely ground olive kernels and is suitable for cosmetic use. This powder is a 100% natural and biodegradable ingredient, ideal for making homemade face and body scrub recipes. It provides an intense exfoliating effect to deeply exfoliate, smooth, soften and tone the skin. Use Organic olive kernel powder is very easy to use in your home cosmetic recipes: exfoliating soap, exfoliating gel, exfoliating cream, face or body scrub, foot scrub... We advise you to perform a face and body scrub once a week, always followed by the application of a nourishing and moisturising treatment or a vegetable oil. Dosage: 3 to 10% of your preparation Tip: for your homemade scrub recipes, remember to add a fatty substance such as a vegetable oil, a vegetable butter or an oily macerate to protect the skin from drying out. For an exfoliating body gel, add olive kernel powder to Bioflore aloe vera gel, massage into damp skin and rinse with clean water. For a gentle exfoliating body lotion, add olive kernel powder to Bioflore's neutral body lotion, massage gently into the skin and rinse with clean water.

Slow cosmétique label