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    A fruity base to be diffused that gently brings joy and lightness mixed with floral notes, an all-natural antidepressant.

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    With sweet orange oil, essential oils of Java citronella, nutmeg, clove, ylang-ylang, cinnamon bark. All EO from controlled organic agriculture: Certisys-be control. This long-loved diffuser blend has been reformulated with organic essential oils. There is nothing hypnotic about this sumptuous synergy, but it is just what you need to keep stress at bay and live each moment to the full. The fruity base brings a sense of joie de vivre, simplicity and emotional balance. The herbal note brings its potential to open up to others. The floral and spicy notes complement each other, providing - in a measured way - the right amount of enthusiasm and sensuality. You decide the context in which you will use this Douceur Outre-Mer: party, dinner, an atmosphere conducive to your professional environment or your shop, intimacy... Its ability to fix you in the moment will lend itself to many circumstances. Our opinion Also an antidepressant for those who think too much about the past or speculate too much about the future. Perfect, once again, for stopping time.

    Slow cosmétique label