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    Huile végétale d'Olive Bioflore
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    Bioflore Olive Oil

    An exceptional olive oil from the Ardèche, from olive trees cultivated by Philippe, from our Bioflore team. Philippe harvested and pressed this rare and precious 2018 olive oil for us, in a production process entirely carried out by Bioflore.

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    In a process of production from seed to bottle, we are pleased to offer you this extra virgin olive oil made "in house" by our colleague Philippe in his farm in Ardèche. Philippe planted his first olive trees in 1999 and has been cultivating them for 20 years without any chemical products. He offers us this small artisanal cuvée in limited quantities, for an olive oil of great quality. This olive oil is of food and cosmetic quality. You can use it in cooking but also as a beauty treatment. The olive trees have been cultivated without any inputs or chemical treatments, respecting the soil and the living world! For the beauty of the skin Renowned as a beauty treatment since Antiquity, olive oil provides the skin with the benefits of its exceptional composition, rich in antioxidants, oleic acid and plant squalene. It is used to nourish, soothe and protect dry, sensitive, irritated or reddened skin. It is the companion of mature skin to prevent and soften the effects of skin aging. It can be used pure or as an ingredient in your natural home cosmetics. For the beauty of the hair It protects, nourishes, strengthens and shines the hair. It can be used pure on the lengths and ends of the hair in an "oil bath" or incorporated into your natural cosmetic recipes. Characteristics of this vegetable olive oil Origin: Ardèche Botanical name: Olea europaea Method of production: small-scale farming without any inputs or chemicals Extraction: cold pressing of the olive pulp Olive variety: Negrette