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« Ouverture », organic

Rich in hyssop, frankincense and niaouli, our Synergy of essential oils “Ouverture” calms asthma and improves breathing, by simple cutaneous application!

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"Ouverture" is a synergy of essential oils intended for those who aspire to regain a normal respiratory potential if this is compromised by: a respiratory allergy, allergic or nervous asthma, chronic nervous stress, a state of emotional malaise. We are looking for a controlled respiratory action, a desensitising action and a contribution to emotional solidity. The very light base of jojoba vegetable oil avoids any greasy sensation and penetrates very quickly. Directions for use : One spray, up to 6 times a day and as needed. Preferably alternate areas of the skin: on the inside of one wrist, then rub the two wrists together and breathe in the smell deeply on the solar plexus, and rub in with circular movements on the inside of the elbow, then rubbing with the inside of the opposite wrist Do not use on pregnant women and children under 1 year old. Composition : organic jojoba vegetable oil*, organic hyssop essential oil*, organic frankincense essential oil*, organic niaouli essential oil *, organic roman camomile essential oil *, organic matricaria essential oil *, organic star anise essential oil, organic khella essential oil *. control BE-BIO-01

Respiratory comfort
Small winter ailments
seasonal allergies
Slow cosmétique label