Skin care for toddlers

What skin care products should be used to care for the fragile skin of babies and young children?

Babies' skin is more fragile than adults'. Not yet fully mature, porous and sensitive, it reacts strongly to its environment and is less able to protect itself. For babies' daily skin care, opt for products without essential oils, with short, natural formulas that are proven to be safe for babies. The simpler and gentler the routine is, the happier your little one's skin will be!

For washing and changing

Roman chamomile hydrosol, a beneficial floral water, soothes redness and irritation. It is used on an organic cotton pad or washable wipe to complete the cleansing, after having cleaned the skin with liniment or a washable wipe soaked in warm water. This hydrosol is ideal for preventing and soothing redness of the seat.

To cleanse the face

Orange blossom hydrosol has a sweet and soothing floral scent, appreciated by children and babies who find its comforting scent soothing. It is used to gently cleanse the face of children, using an organic cotton pad or a washable wipe. Sprayed on the skin and bed linen, it soothes and facilitates sleep.

For gentle massages

From a very young age, gentle massages can be given to toddlers to encourage the parent-child bond and reinforce babies' sense of security. Calendula oily macerate is perfect as a massage oil. It provides delicate skin with protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and soothes areas prone to irritation.

Bath time

Choose a very gentle, non-drying cleanser without essential oils. «Le plus Doux» soap is a cold-saponified superfatted soap, ideal for reactive and delicate skin. It contains nourishing shea butter and soothing white clay to gently cleanse babies' skin. The universal cleanser is also suitable for the youngest, if you prefer a "gel" texture.

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What to do in case of irritation?

Apply a small amount of white clay to the diaper area to soothe redness and limit moisture in the nappy. Apply the clay right after diaper change, on clean skin, especially in case of diaper rash. White clay is an excellent natural alternative to talc.

On the body, gently massage irritated or itchy areas with calendula oil macerate or a small amount of shea butter if the skin is very dry. Always apply these products to slightly damp skin (after bathing) to help the products penetrate.

Tips to remember

  • Ban all irritating substances and controversial ingredients. 
  • Opt for care products without essential oils or perfumes.
  • Avoid cleansing wipes soaked in micellar water. They are polluting and they unbalance the skin flora. A washable cotton wipe soaked in lukewarm water or liniment will be quite sufficient.
  • There's no need to multiply products, as children's skin requires little care.
  • Choose soft clothes made from natural materials that will not irritate your child's skin, and opt for organic and ecological unscented detergents.

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