Discover us

Bioflore is a liberated company that has been around for 30 years! We've been convinced for a long time that smearing plastic residues on the skin is not... ideal ;) We have always wanted to help everyone take care of themselves and share our (crazy) love of plants. Our small team is made up of herbalists and aromatherapy experts who guarantee the quality of our raw materials.

Our gardens

Our organic gardens, cultivated according to permaculture principles, surround our premises.

Inspired by the herbalist tradition, we take great care in the cultivation of our aromatic & medicinal plants. We grow calendulas, sage, rosemary and Roman chamomile which we transform in our laboratory into 100% biofloral treatments. We have also planted rose and blackcurrant bushes.

Soay's sheep graze quietly in our fields, helping to keep the soil fertile and avoiding the use of a polluting tractor-mower. 

On our side, we take care to ensure their perfect well-being !

Zero waste, we're making progress!

We continue to work on our packaging, our bulk offer for professionals, the reduction of our waste and our delivery methods. Every little detail is taken into account to move towards carbon neutrality. 

Solar panels have just been installed on the roof of our premises (long live the Belgian sun!).

Your parcels are protected by recycled cardboard and crushed on our premises. We also protect your products with biodegradable chips or chips recovered from the organic shops around our facilities.

We abandon plastic as soon as possible, with the objective of reaching zero plastic: for two years, we have abandoned plastic for our waxes, cocoa butter, clays... and it's not over yet!

A company based on trust and participatory management

Our project is not to become a mega-brand, but to ensure sustainable employment. Listening, joy at work, respect and well-being are at the heart of our adventure. We develop participative management methods, where hierarchy is abolished: everyone is responsible for his or her own area. Non-violent communication and benevolence guide all our exchanges.

On the horizon, an eco-place

Our dream and our medium-term project will be to gradually transform our premises and gardens into an eco-place that will offer a beneficial working environment to our teams and could one day welcome visits and thematic courses.