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Bioflore is a liberated company that has been around for 30 years! We've been convinced for a long time that smearing plastic residues on the skin is not... ideal ;) We have always wanted to help everyone take care of themselves and share our (crazy) love of plants. Our small team is made up of herbalists and aromatherapy experts who guarantee the quality of our raw materials.

Quality that makes us tick!

Our mission: to offer products at a price that is accessible to the greatest number of people, without ever selling off prices or compromising on quality. Behind each bottle stands the respect of a job well done, the respect of our producers, of our teams, and of the committed herbalists and shops that sell our products.

As local as possible

In our search for plant-based raw materials, we always look for the nearest possible products.

For example, we have chosen not to propose Indian ayurvedic powders but European plant powders, inspired by our herbalist traditions.

For products that are far away and for which we cannot find a local alternative, we always look for the shortest distance (and the best quality!).

For instance, our hibiscus powder comes from Egypt, rather than from India.

The idea is not to ban long-distance products but to keep only those that do not grow in our climate and for which there is no local alternative.

Ethical sourcing

We ban all raw materials, even organic ones, that are sourced in conditions that are inconsistent with our values and that do not respect human rights. We make sure that each of our raw materials comes from an ethical supply chain, which respects the work of each person and pays them their fair value. In this way, we ensure a close relationship with our producers.


Organic quality is our standard choice: we are audited by CERTISYS (the official organisation in charge of organic control at European level).

We are convinced that the organic quality should be one of the guidelines of any good aromatherapy (and natural care in general): it is important to know that pesticides and herbicides are not eliminated, but concentrated by distillation, and even more so by mechanical expression!
Are you tempted by a small bottle of glyphosate? We don't either! In some extreme cases, analyses of non-organic citrus essences reveal pesticide levels above the toxic doses defined by the World Health Organisation.

CERTISYS® certificate

Bioflore products are certified CERTISYS (new name of Ecocert Belgium).
Here is our most recent certificate.

EU organic certification

Bioflore products are certified organic by the European Union.

Ecogarantie Label

Belgian label that guarantees vegetal ingredients from organic farming, without GMO, without colouring, without parabens and without petrochemicals, and this without exception. Beyond the product, the label has a vision of a sustainable society: reasoned use of natural resources, manufacturing and processing processes that respect nature, animal testing ban, recyclable packaging, use of green energy and workplace ethics.
Ecogarantie certificate

Slow Cosmetics brand since 2013 - 2 star award

Label delivered according to 4 pillars:
- ecological brand: natural, organic and minimally processed ingredients
- healthy brand: respect for humans, plants and animals
- reasonable brand: ethical and fair price
- intelligent brand: consume less but better, according to the real needs of the skin