New face masks

Three masks to rehydrate yourself that combine organic plant powders and clays to take care of all skin types. Purifying, soothing or radiance, each mask envelops the skin with its healing properties.


Taking care of the body

Massage oils and aromatic rituals to take care of the body


Organic virgin cherry kernel oil

NEW! A replenishing oil that prevents dehydration, nourishes and enhances the radiance of the complexion. Also recommended for softening and enhancing the hair. Its natural scent is exquisite: delicate and almondy!


100% natural, plant-based and organic products
to take care of you and your skin.

Welcome to our world of herbalists

Since the beginning, we have always chosen organic, plant-based and the most local products as possible.

Our team shares advice and natural care to promote well-being and committed beauty!

We also grow our own aromatic and medicinal plant gardens.


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