Fig tree bud

Soothes the digestive tract, calms stress and eases sleep.


Moisturising and Replumping BioSerum

Packed with Rose hydrosol, this serum intensely moisturises the skin, preserves its youthfulness and smoothes the complexion.

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The season's facial treatment to brighten the complexion, make your skin ready for the sun and keep your tan looking its best.


100% natural, plant-based and organic products
to take care of you and your skin.

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Dive into the world of our raw, organic and vegetable raw materials. Discover our range of ready-to-use organic cosmetics handmade in Belgium in our laboratory.

Welcome to our world of herbalists

Since the beginning, we have always chosen organic, plant-based and the most local products as possible.

Our team shares advice and natural care to promote well-being and committed beauty!

We also grow our own aromatic and medicinal plant gardens.


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Our tips for beautiful skin, seasonal rituals, aroma tips and ideas for homemade cosmetics. Not to mention our offers and gifts.

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Complete files to help you find the right natural skincare for your lifestyle and concerns. Not to mention our fantastic homemade cosmetic recipes!

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Handmade, in our laboratory in Belgium

We create organic essential oil synergies in our laboratory in Belgium, right next to our gardens. We design, formulate and manufacture our natural skin care ranges by hand in our Belgian laboratory. Our latest creations: a Moisturising and Replumping Organic Serum with plant hyaluronic acid, an organic make-up remover oil ideal for sensitive skin, oily macerates from our gardens...

A team of committed people who share a passion for plants

We are a small team of 15 people, including several herbalists. Our passion for plants drives us, and we live it to the full on a daily basis (you should see Clotilde's library, she has at least 200 books about plants and natural health!) What makes us thrill every day: passing on our passion for plant-based raw materials, teaching you to love plant oils, and helping you to live a more natural life.

Our corporate mission: To contribute to a world in harmony with its natural resources, we work to be a company with a positive impact.

Bioflore, the expert in essential oils and aromatherapy for 30 years!

For 30 years, we have been working to find the most valuable organic essential oils from committed producers, paying close attention to the territory, to sustainable agricultural practices and to high quality distillation. All the essential oils we offer are 100% pure, organic, complete and chemotyped.

A range of organic Belgian cosmetics that are efficient, sensorial and respectful of the planet

Our team of herbalists and cosmetic formulators create organic face, body and hair care products. We create care products in line with the seasons, inspired by traditional European plants. We imagine Natural cosmetics that are good for all skin types while having 100% plant-based compositions, absolutely respectful of nature.

Fresh plant extracts straight from the producers

Organic hydrosols, vegetal oils, shea butter, organic clay powder, rhassoul, plant powders for hair: we offer a wide range of raw plant materials. You can use these pure plant extracts for your face, body and hair care or make your own homemade cosmetic recipes. Our plant extracts are made fresh to get the full benefit of their active ingredients.