Protecting your skin from the cold

Protecting your skin from the cold

How to take care of your skin when it starts to get cold? What is the best organic beauty routine for beautiful skin between autumn and winter? Find out how to adapt your skincare routine.

A small cream

Does your skin crunch under your fingers when you run your hand over your face, does it pull and look thirsty? Give it a little extra cream! The right duo: mix a dose of your favourite plant oil with a dose of our Gentle Balance Moisturiser, for a protective, moisturising and nourishing treatment. And don't forget to drink water throughout the day!

Creams, whipped cream, butters & more

Autumn leaves, the arrival of cold weather and the mists of November always make us crave rich, creamy and nourishing balms. It's time to make a shea whipped cream, a rich balm or a whipped balm to coat yourself from head to toe.

Double dose of vegetable oils

Do you swear by vegetable oils?

We understand you! However, at this time hazelnut, jojoba or even our regenerating fluid may not be enough for your skin. The right solution: opt for a duo by mixing your usual oil with a richer oil such as avocado, sweet almond or, if your skin is dry to very dry, evening primrose, borage or plum.

A little dose of sunshine

Sea buckthorn, rosehip, raspberry, carrot macerate: these magical oils offer us a little sunshine in a bottle! Very rich in carotenoids, they illuminate the complexion and give a healthy glow, even in the heart of autumn. Don't hesitate to add a drop to your daily skin care routine. In the team, we love using raspberry oil as a face serum, with its little raspberry compote smell and velvety texture, it's one of our favourites!

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