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    Vegetal oils

    Organic virgin avocado oil

    Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it is reputed to stimulate collagen production.

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    Origin : Kenya 

    Part used : Fruit 

    50 ml BOTTLE only. Persea americana, Persea gratissima Avocado oil contains, in addition to its essential fatty acids, lecithin, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, H, K. Avocado oil has regenerating and rehydrating properties for the epidermis. Applied directly to the skin, it penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. Recognised as an excellent anti-wrinkle agent, avocado oil is also recommended for very dry skin. It can be used on the thinner parts of the skin: around the eyes, neck, and to soften the skin of the hands and heels. On dry hair, apply one or two drops on the hands, rub the hands together, massage the hair slowly, wait a few minutes and rinse, ending with cold water. On damaged hair, apply several drops to the hair, massage slowly, wait one to two hours before rinsing, ending with cold water. It is very resistant to rancidity and can be stored in its coloured glass bottle for up to 2 years. Its high content of various anti-oxidants is not unrelated to this particularity. You can combine it with olive oil to obtain a satisfactory sun protection. We only sell this oil in 50 ml bottles because there is currently not enough supply to meet demand.

    Skin type
    Dry skin
    Normal skin
    Sensitive skin
    Wrinkles & fine lines
    Face concerns
    Loss of firmness
    Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    sensitivities & redness
    Nourish, repair, add shine
    Stimulate growth
    Stretch marks
    Slow cosmétique label