Refer your friends and relatives and receive discounts!

Our referral program offers you benefits to thank you for your fidelity.

  • Receive a €10 gift voucher with the first order of each person you refer, if the purchase price is equal to or above €35 including tax.
  • 1 voucher per referred friend. Refer as many friends and relatives as you like!
  • You must have placed at least one order on our site to become a sponsor.
  • Create your account on, place your first order of 35€ or more, and then get a gift voucher of 10€.
  • Use this voucher for your next purchases on our website!

How to refer a friend or relative?

Go to the My Account tab and open the referral space

Choose one of the 3 options* available to invite your friends and relatives to create their account on

Invite as many friends and relatives as you want to collect the €10 vouchers!

*You must have placed at least one order on our site to access these features.

When creating a customer account on, your relative should not forget to enter your referral code or your e-mail address in order to indicate that he or she has registered thanks to you

Depending on the method used to invite them, the code may already be pre-encoded in the account registration form!

Your friend or relative discovers our site and places his/her first Bioflore order for a minimum amount of 35€ incl. VAT.

Congratulations! As soon as the order is confirmed, you will receive the code for the €10 discount voucher in your mailbox.

Your friend or relative will also receive a 10€ discount voucher.

Your voucher is valid for 4 months from the date of your relative's order.

Enter the code received by e-mail in the "Promotional code" field when you finalise your next cart, click on "add" and the discount will be applied directly to your cart total.

Please note that the discount will only be applied to an order with a total of at least 60€ incl. VAT.

You can find the list of your discount codes available in the "Voucher" section of the My account tab.

* Terms and conditions

  • Offer available for personal customer accounts only
  • Voucher valid for 4 months
  • Voucher cannot be combined with other offers and promotions
  • Voucher valid on an order of at least 60€ including VAT, on all products on the website except gift cards, workshops and training courses.
  • Vouchers are issued from the moment orders are validated by payment