Essential oils for spring

Essential oils for spring

Every bottle of essential oil tells a story of a landscape, wind, sun, and plants. Aromatherapy helps us to go through every step of the life. Here is our selection for the coming of this special spring, with a lot of hope and good energies to share!

The organic spring' essential oils


Purity of the skin

Half-way between geranium essential oil and rosewood, palmarosa essential oil is the best partner for the skin cares. It eases and regenerates the skins with imperfections, soothes the irritated and sensitive skins. It can also be used as a natural deodorant, 1 drop under the armpit.

Marjoram from the garden

Live the present time

Its name comes from the greek « oros ganos », the joy of the mountain. This essential oil calms the anxiety, agitation, excessive emotivity. It empties the mind from dark and obssessive ideas. Its warm, spicy, and flowery aroma helps to focus on the present time.

Néroli bigarade

Softness and clarity

The orange blossom essential oil offers a magical and soothing olfactory journey. Its flowery softness acts like a natural antidepressant. It helps to go through emotional trauma phases and to free from sadness of the past.

Wild carrot

Self-confidence and detox

With its intense, iridescent and delicatley earthy aroma, this wild umbelliferae favorizes the self-confidence. Reputated to prevent from wrinkles, it decongestes the pro-acne and sensitive skins and prevent from stains. Orally, it promotes the drainage and regeneration of the liver.

Spring Hydrosols

Blackcurrant, Carrot, Rosemary verbenone

It's impossible to forget hydrosols when it comes to aroma! Our favourites for spring: blackcurrant as a drink, rosemary verbenone as a draining treatment and carrot as a toning lotion for the face.

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