Relieve seasonal allergies with naturopathy

Relieve seasonal allergies with naturopathy

Spring is here! We're reconnecting with nature, spending time outdoors again to enjoy the sunshine, and yet despite the joy of this season of renewal, you may find yourself with red eyes, itchy throats and runny noses as soon as you step outside. The guilty party? Seasonal allergies, which seem to be affecting more and more people.

Here are a few natural tips to soothe them, make your life more comfortable and make the most of the spring season!

An article by Marion Pezard, naturopath

Tarragon and plantain hydrosols

Tarragon and plantain are two of the plants most commonly used to treat seasonal allergies. They can be used in several forms, such as essential oils and mother tinctures, but for my part I find them most versatile when used as a hydrosol. You can use one, the other, or both combined for an even more interesting effect.

They can also be combined with a soothing hydrosol such as Roman Chamomile or Fine Lavender.

For example, they can be used

  • As a compress on itchy eyes
  • To clean the nose to soothe the sinuses
  • In a flask to soothe an itchy throat

They can also be used as a mother tincture as part of a one- or two-month course of treatment in spring: 15 drops morning and evening in a glass of water.

Wash your nose, hands and eyes regularly as a preventive measure

As always when it comes to natural health: prevention is key!

So for seasonal allergies, I urge you to clean your hands, eyes and nose regularly to prevent pollen from settling in and tickling you.

For example, you can get into the habit of washing your nose every day, once or several times a day, using a seawater spray or, even better, a lota (also known as a neti pot) in which you put room-temperature water, a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of tarragon hydrosol.

When you get home, remember to wash your face to remove any pollen residue.

Also remember to wash your hands as regularly as possible, especially when you're out in nature, and avoid touching your face.

Limit foods rich in histamine, which can cause allergies to flare up

The molecule that triggers allergies is called histamine and is regulated by the immune system. An allergy occurs when there is an excess of histamine, so the body over-reacts to a molecule that should not bother it.

When suffering from allergies, it is therefore a good idea to limit the foods that contain or promote histamine. This is particularly the case with fermented foods and drinks such as wine, beer, kefir and kombucha, cheese, sauerkraut, but also mustard, tinned fish, and so on.

Try to ease up on these foods and you should already feel better about your allergic symptoms.

Repairing the intestinal barrier, the seat of immunity

Finally, as naturopaths like to get to the root cause of a problem, here we need to look at the state of our intestinal barrier and our microbiota, as they are the seat of our immunity and allergies are, as we have seen, immune reactions.

So don't hesitate in spring or even at the end of winter to take a preventive course of probiotics and L-glutamine, ideally accompanied by a naturopath or natural health professional.

A word from our herbalists

"To take care of your intestinal flora and your tummy, also think about the Digestion bud complex".

Obviously, this natural advice isn't for everyone, and if it isn't enough for you, it's important to consult your doctor and possibly start a course of treatment for the duration of your allergies.

Enjoy an uncluttered spring!