Spring detox

Spring detox

At the end of winter, our body needs to do a big cleansing to free itself from the toxins accumulated during the cold season. Heavy meals, stress, lack of activity, drug residues or pollutants from our environment can slow down and disrupt the work of our draining organs, the liver and kidneys. These emunctories need to be lightened and supported to function at their best throughout the year.

The spring detox helps to re-energise the whole body, to free oneself from seasonal tiredness, from small chronic ENT ailments, from pimples and from the dull complexion of the end of winter! In fact, by lightening the liver, we also act on the other emunctories which are the skin, the lungs and the intestines.

In Chinese medicine, spring begins at the beginning of February and from mid-February, you can start a spring cure to revitalise your body.

We offer two aromatherapy treatments, with a choice of hydrosols or essential oils.

If you are pregnant, this is not the time to do a detox!

For a gentle and effective cure

Choose either the detox with hydrosols or with essential oils but do not start several cures at the same time. Throughout your treatment, drink plenty of water, and eat light, healthy meals, mainly composed of seasonal fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Remember to get back into exercise if you've been hibernating this winter and don't forget your bike to get to the office!

1. A gentle treatment with hydrosols

Milder than essential oils and very easy to use, hydrosols allow us to make a very gentle spring cure by accompanying us on a daily basis.

There are two ways to do your detoxifying treatment with hydrosols:

  • Mix a tablespoon of hydrosol or a mixture of hydrosols in a litre of water and drink throughout the day
  • Mix a teaspoon of hydrosol or your own hydrosol blend with a cup of hot water and drink as an herbal tea, repeat three times a day

All this for 21 days.

Choose hydrosols of detoxifying, draining and regenerating plants for the liver, such as these: organic rosemary verbenone hydrosol, organic juniper hydrosol, organic wild carrot hydrosol, cypress hydrosol (preferably combined with juniper)

Detoxifying drink with hydrosols

  • Organic wild carrot hydrosol - 1 teaspoon
  • Organic rosemary verbenone hydrosol - 1 teaspoon
  • Organic juniper hydrosol - 1 teaspoon
  • Mineral water - 1 litre

Add the different hydrosols to a one-litre bottle of water (ideally a reusable thermos!) and drink this mixture throughout the day. Repeat for 21 days.

2. A detoxifying cure with essential oils

Essential oils with draining, liver regenerating and detoxifying properties are very active and effective companions in the spring cure. They should be used orally with an appropriate synergy. The spring cure with essential oils is reserved for adults in good health. If you are taking a medical treatment, consult a health professional before starting the cure.

Essential oils to be favoured for a detoxifying cure: lemon, wild Carrot, juniperrosemary verbenone

Simple detox with organic lemon essential oil

1 drop of organic lemon essential oil 3 times a day, diluted in a little vegetable oil or honey, for 21 days.

For adults only, not suitable for pregnant women or people on anti-coagulant medication.

Detoxifying synergy

Juniper essential oil + lemon essential oil: 1 drop of each essential oil to be taken every morning for 21 days, diluted in a little vegetable oil or on a neutral tablet.

A gentle skin detox

With the change of season, our skin tends to release its toxins and blemishes appear. To help the skin regain its balance, clear up blemishes and regain a clear complexion, adopt a purifying skincare routine, without harming the skin.

Green clay for deep cleansing

Once a week, make a face mask with green clay and hydrosol (rosemary, lavender, sage). The clay helps to purify and lighten the complexion of heavy skin.

A hydrosol to purify the complexion

Before the day and night care, tone and purify your skin with a rosemary verbenone, clary sage, fine lavender or laurel hydrosol.

A vegetable oil to balance sebum production

For one month, use jojoba oil, hazelnut oil or the skin-cleansing fluid as a day care product to free the skin of impurities.

You can also opt for a duo of hazelnut oil and black cumin vegetable oil in case of blackheads and comedones.

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