Which hydrosol should I choose for my skin?

Which hydrosol should I choose for my skin?

Hydrosols are distilled from aromatic plants and contain the plant's own aromatic compounds while being gentler to use than essential oils. Also known as floral waters or aromatic waters, they take care of all skin types and are part of a natural and organic beauty routine.

How to use hydrosols for the skin?

As a lotion:

in the evening, after removing your make-up and cleansing your skin with a gentle care product, apply a hydrosol all over your face using an organic cotton pad or a washable cotton wipe. Proceed with small taps all over the face. The hydrosol will provide initial care for the skin while preparing it for your night care!

To cleanse your skin in the morning:

gently wipe your skin with a cotton pad or washable wipe soaked in hydrosol to gently cleanse it in the morning. This is enough to prepare your skin for the day's care. There is no need to use a soap or gentle cleanser in the morning, gentle cleansing with hydrosol is enough!

As a spray to refresh yourself:

at any time of the day you can spray the hydrosol of your choice to refresh your skin, envelop it with the scent of your favourite hydrosol or even spray your hydrosol on your make-up to improve its hold

In a steam bath:

dilute a tablespoon of hydrosol in a bowl of very hot water. Place your face, eyes closed, over the bowl, covering your head with a towel so that the steam does not escape. Be careful not to burn yourself. Enjoy a steam bath that will act in depth by favouring hydrosols with purifying properties.

Which hydrosol for normal skin?

Your skin has no imperfections, no tightness, no redness on the horizon: this is balance incarnate. What luck! All the hydrosols will be able to please your skin, with a preference for hydrosols with skin toning properties and delicate scents.

Which hydrosol for combination skin?

Recognising combination skin is easy: your T-zone (chin, wings of the nose, middle of the forehead) tends to be shiny while the rest of your face has normal, sometimes dehydrated skin. Small imperfections can also sometimes appear. To help your skin regain its balance, choose hydrosols with balancing, astringent and toning properties without being too drying.

Which hydrosol for oily skin?

Your skin tends to shine during the day with dilated pores and sometimes a tendency to blackheads and blemishes. The good news is that oily skin is the least susceptible to skin ageing! To regain a matte complexion and refined skin texture, we rely on purifying, balancing and astringent hydrosols that will help regulate sebum production.

Which hydrosol for acne-prone skin?

Often linked to a hormonal imbalance, acne-prone skin combines inflammation, redness and blemishes. Acne mainly affects teenagers but can persist into adulthood, linked to certain aggravating factors (stress, lack of sleep, diet, etc.). To prevent the appearance of blemishes and to purify the skin, choose hydrosols with anti-bacterial, purifying and soothing properties.

Which hydrosol for mature skin?

With the years, our skin tends to become thinner and more sensitive to skin slackening. Accepting the passing of time with gentleness and good humour is the best anti-wrinkle treatment there is! And to give the skin a real boost, plant extracts are very effective. To tone the skin, we use regenerating plant hydrosols, known to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to firm the skin.

Which hydrosol for sensitive skin and/or skin prone to couperose?

Very delicate, sensitive skin does not tolerate complex cosmetic formulas, reacts to temperature changes, reddens easily and sometimes shows signs of couperose or irritation. To calm the skin and soothe redness, choose hydrosols with anti-inflammatory properties and that promote skin micro-circulation to prevent and reduce couperose.

Which hydrosol for dull skin?

Fatigue, stress, smoking, lack of physical activity... are all factors that can contribute to the skin losing its natural radiance. To say goodbye to a grey complexion and restore the skin's radiance, use hydrosols with clarifying and toning properties.

Which hydrosol to soothe the eyes, fight against dark circles and puffiness?

To soothe eyes tired from long hours in front of a computer or irritated by suspended particles, hydrosol compresses are very effective. The fragile eye contour area can also be cared for on a daily basis with hydrosols that promote microcirculation to prevent the appearance of puffiness.