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    Organic Atlas Cedar Hydrosol

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    Spring water distillation hydrosol - 100% natural - It is the ally of unbalanced scalps! An excellent hair and skin tonic, it brings shine and suppleness to the hair.

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    • Origin : France 
    • Part used : twigs and needles
    • Format 200ml

    In the essential oil, the sequiterpenes occupy a prominent place. Due to their apolarity, they become non-existent in the hydrosol where ketones (atlantones) and various sesquiterpenols emerge. From then on, the hydrolat can claim properties on blood and lymphatic circulation, without forgetting the lypolitic action linked to the ketones.

    The hydrosol is mainly indicated for external use.

    Internal use is not recommended except for very specific indications.

    It is traditionally used in hair care: fine hair, alopecia, itching of the scalp, dandruff, to bring shine to dry and damaged hair. Used as is, as a hair lotion, it will also be used to dilute shampoos and conditioners.

    Synergies are evident with another hair tonic: rosemary cineole hydrosol. Depending on hair colour, it can also be combined with sage hydrosol (red and dark hair) or chamomile hydrosol (blond hair).

    The action of the hydrosol on hydrolipidic retention is also appreciated, for example to help reduce bags under the eyes. It should be applied as a local compress, without any other addition or before applying a light cream or gel. Synergies are possible with cistus, witch hazel or immortelle hydrosols, always externally.

    Internally, the action will be reinforced by complementary drainage hydrolats, in particular: juniper HA + rosemary verbenone HA.

    When preparing anti-cellulite emulsions, you should consider incorporating cedar hydrosol into your water phase.

    Cedar hydrosol can be used all over the body as a lymphatic circulation tonic, in compresses or as a mist.

    Another lesser known field of application is animal fur. It is used to help cats get rid of their dander (allergenic, as we know) and fleas. The rather delicate smell of this hydrosol does not shock the cat's sense of smell.
    For dogs, it is used for the same purpose when rinsing and for maintenance by spraying; the dog also seems to have a predilection for the smell.

    Skin type
    Oily skin
    blemished skin
    Face concerns
    Blackheads & Enlarged Pores
    Prevent dandruff
    Stimulate growth
    Stop hair loss
    Slimness & firmness
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