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    Silicone spatula

    Our silicone spatula is ideal for making homemade cosmetics and for soap making. It is heat resistant and allows you to scrape your natural cosmetic preparations into bowls, pans and containers to avoid losing product, without altering the quality of your preparations

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    Very practical in the preparation of your homemade cosmetics, this spatula maryse in flexible silicone of food quality allows you to recover your preparations in all types of container to avoid losing some. It is 19 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. Very resistant, it will not alter the quality of your preparations and will not deteriorate in contact with essential oils, vegetable oils, plant powders and clays. Heat resistant, you can also use it in cold saponification, to scrape your soap mixture from the pan when you transfer it to your moulds. Colour of the current batch: red (+ white handle). Cleaning • Clean your spatula with warm water and soap and then rinse it. • You can put it in the dishwasher. • To disinfect it, use 70° alcohol and let it air dry.



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