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    Organic Blackcurrant Hydrosol

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    A wonderful fruity, plant-based blackcurrant scent: ideal as a skin tonic and refreshing drink.

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    • Origin : France 
    • Part used : twigs / buds
    • Ribes nigrum
    • Hydrosol from organic farming: Be-Bio-01 control.

    This hydrosol is obtained by distillation of the young twigs and buds and has a very characteristic aroma of red fruit with a slightly acidic note. Its pH of 3.6 corroborates this impression. It contains tannins, which is rare for hydrosol . The result is worth the diversions: quite atypical in its category, its sumptuous aroma makes you salivate! As Citrus essences are not generally obtained by distillation, the authentic fruity note is absent from the hydrosol ranges. Blackcurrant hydrosol makes up for this lack superbly on its own.

    It is a skin tonic and anti-oxidant. The fruity note is sure to boost the morale of those who want to get on with the day. You can use it alone or in combination with other hydrosols as a refreshing mist.

    Blackcurrant hydrosol will add a gourmet touch to your home cosmetics.

    Bound with water, blackcurrant hydrosol is a digestive. An excellent partner for gourmets. It will facilitate the digestion of a copious meal. More widely, we find a characteristic of blackcurrant documented by phytotherapy and gemmotherapy: the hydrosol is a precious help when the terrain is conducive to disabling joint problems.

    Purifying and detoxifying, try it alone or in combination with juniper hydrosol. Both promote the elimination of water.

    Experiment in the sensory field! It can be added to water to make a pleasant tasting energy drink. Other possibilities: sorbets, flavouring fruit compotes, making cocktails, deglazing game meat, etc.

    Our hydrosols are 100% pure and preservative-free. It is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator to preserve them in the best conditions and not to expose them to temperature variations.

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