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    Vegetal oils

    Organic plum vegetal oil

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    Very rich in antioxidant vitamin E, it intensely nourishes and prevents skin ageing.

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    • Botanical name: Prunus domestica
    • Botanical family: Rosaceae
    • Plants grown in organic agriculture in France
    • Packaging: 30 ml amber glass bottle
    • Production process: First cold pressing of plum kernels
    • Storage: stable vegetable oil, to be used within 18 months after opening your bottle and to be stored in a cool, well closed place, away from light.

    This honey-coloured oil is made from the first cold pressing of plum kernels and is rich in antioxidant vitamin E (about 15mg per 100g of oil), oleic acid (omega 9) and linoleic acid (omega 6), which have an intensely nourishing effect and bring radiance to the complexion. Its natural fragrance of bitter almond and frangipane is a marvel that transforms cosmetic care into a treat for the skin.

    How to use plum oil for the natural beauty of the skin?

    Its richness in antioxidants makes plum oil an ally for all youth care. 

    Relipidant, it nourishes dry skin and preserves the skin's moisture. It can be added to all your recipes for dry skin and dry areas of the body.

    For which skin types is it best suited? Dry, very dry, mature, dull, tired skin and all dry areas of the body. Urban skins will also appreciate its antioxidant action on the radiance of the complexion!

    It is used:

    • in an oily face fluid, pure or with other vegetable oils
    • in a recipe for a delicious body balm, with a vegetable butter (mango, shea) and other vegetable oils
    • in a recipe for gourmet body milk
    • in a youth serum recipe with aloe vera gel and hyaluronic acid
    • in a hand cream recipe
    • to perfume a cosmetic treatment with a crunchy almond scent

    This vegetable oil can also be used in cooking, for its delicious aroma and nutritional qualities.

    Face concerns
    Radiance & Brightening of the complexion
    Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    Nourish, repair, add shine
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