Natural shaving & beard care

How to go natural to take care of your skin after shaving? Which organic oil to use to enhance your beard?

Here's a quick look at our advice on shaving.

When shaving, the skin is raw, often irritated and prone to micro cuts. Small bacteria are more likely to penetrate the epidermis, as any irritating ingredients and controversial substances do. These ar good reasons to opt for a 100% organic, gentle & purifying plant-based routine.

Soothe the skin after shaving

After shaving, skin can feel raw. To soothe the razor burn, apply the aloe vera gel to the heated areas. Aloe vera gel has a moisturising, purifying, soothing and healing effect on the skin. If your skin is dry or needs extra comfort, go for hemp oil. It can be used alone or in combination with the aloe vera gel: one dose of gel and one dose of oil mixed in the palm of your hand and applied to the entire face and neck.

Purify & prevent small imperfections

If your skin is prone to pimples, blackheads and impurities, apply a few drops of our "peau nette" fluid all over your face or just on the affected areas. You can also apply a drop of pure tea tree essential oil on pimples to dry them out and help them disappear.

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Sublime the beard

To sublime the beard, soften the hair and stimulate growth, follow this simple recipe and apply a few drops on a daily basis, after cleaning the beard. In a 50 ml amber glass bottle, pour 40 ml of jojoba oil, 8 ml of mustard oil and 6 drops of an essential oil of your choice between lemon without furocoumarins, peppermint, atlas cedar or tea tree essential oil, depending on your affinities. This treatment will nourish the beard, promote its growth and maintain a healthy and purified skin.

Cleanse the beard & face

To gently wash your beard and face, choose a multi-purpose product that won't dry out your skin. If you're more of a "soap" person, go for our “Le plus Doux” soap, a cold-saponified soap with shea butter and white clay, perfectly suited to delicate skin. If you prefer a gel texture, our “all-purpose cleanser” gently cleanses the face, body and hair while leaving the skin soft and supple.

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