Which essential oils should I use for my skin?

Which essential oils should I use for my skin?

Essential oils are excellent partners in skin health. Their many properties are a delight for all skin types, even the most demanding. Here are a few tips, by skin type or condition, for rebalancing your skin and giving it a natural glow with skincare products that use essential oils.

Article by Amandine Devillard, aromatologist.

Essential oils best suited to specific skin types and conditions

Combination, oily and acne-prone skin

To purify your skin, limit the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, unclog clogged pores and regulate sebum production over the long term, choose the essential oils of :

  • Tea-tree, an essential anti-bacterial agent
  • Lemon without furocoumarins; purifying and clarifying for blotchy complexions
  • Rose Geranium; astringent and healing
  • Rosemary verbenone; cleansing and regenerating
  • Lavender officinalis; multi-purpose and purifying while promoting healing
  • Manuka, intensely purifying

Recommended dosages

In a 10 ml bottle, add a total of 6 drops of any of the above essential oils. Mix well and fill the bottle with jojoba or hazelnut oil. Add two drops of antioxidant vitamin E and massage a few drops of this oily serum into the skin every morning and evening for a purified, clearer complexion.

Dry skin

Essential oils won't solve the problems of dry skin (tightness, flakiness...), but vegetable oils will. By choosing an argan, plum, borage or avocado oil, or even the sumptuous prickly pear oil, your skin will be nourished, suppler and more comfortable. There's nothing to stop you from adding a few drops of rose geranium essential oil, an exceptional skin tonic. The same dosages as for the Oily Skin Serum explained above apply here for optimum effectiveness.

Normal skin

You have normal, problem-free skin - what luck! Opt for a healthy glow serum that will further enhance your complexion. On the menu:

  • 8 ml apricot vegetable oil ;
  • 2 ml carrot oily macerate ;
  • 3 drops of sea buckthorn CO2 extract;
  • 6 drops of wild carrot essential oil;
  • 2 drops of vitamin E.

Reactive skin

If you have sensitive, delicate skin, don't forget to do the elbow test. Sometimes essential oils, even the gentlest ones, are not well accepted by a reactive immune system.

In the event of redness, irritation or increased sensitivity, turn to the essential oils of:

  • Roman chamomile or matricaria ;
  • Rose Geranium (it can definitely be adapted to a wide range of skin problems) ;
  • Hemp ;
  • Sweet myrrh ;
  • Seville lavender ;
  • True lavender.

As a complement, calendula oily macerate will always be a perfectly suitable base for soothing sensitive skin.

Mature skin

Mature skin also benefits from the astringent, toning and regenerating properties of certain essential oils. Unsurprisingly, we find rose geranium and lavender essential oils in this category, as well as the more specific Seville lavender.

The precious essential oils of Damask rose, sandalwood and frankincense are perfect for use in a serum to slow down skin ageing, in synergy with cistus ladanifera to accentuate the anti-wrinkle effect and katrafay to stimulate the skin's hydration potential. Our organic regenerating fluid contains these precious, stimulating essential oils combined with plant oils to revive dull complexions.

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