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    Emotional balance roll-ons

    Roll-on "Fin de l'orage"

    Ideal for soothing headaches quickly, this menthol-fresh roll-on is applied to the temples for immediate relief. It combines 7 soothing and invigorating essential oils, renowned for relieving headaches, clearing the head and providing energising action. A refreshing synergy of Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Lavandin super, Rosemary cineole, Ginger, Lemon and Sandalwood.

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    Our saviour when a headache starts... As if we were passing mint ice cubes over our temples. We always have it in our bag and on our desk!

    INCI: Sesamum indicum seed oil*, Lavandula hybrida oil*, Mentha piperita oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis oil*, Zingiber officinalis root oil*, Anthemis nobilis flower oil*, Citrus limon peel oil*, Santalum austrocaledonicum wood oil, Geraniol**, Eugenol**, Citral**, Citronellol**, Limonene**, Linalool**, Linalyl acetate**, Alpha pinene and Beta-pinene**, Camphor**, Menthol**, Alpha and Beta Santalol**.

    *Derived from organic farming
    **Present in essential oils

    Packaging: 5 ml roll-on bottle

    Storage: store in a cool, dark place.

    Ideal at the office, in the car or whenever the need arises, this roll-on with essential oils provides rapid relief as soon as a headache strikes. We've designed this roll-on to soothe you immediately, providing its refreshing menthol effect and clearing up the mental fog that often accompanies headaches.

    It combines 7 organic essential oils, renowned for their decongestant and pain-relieving action, to soothe discomfort, promote concentration and bring a feeling of relaxation.

    All our roll-ons combine the therapeutic effects of essential oils (through the action of their aromatic molecules on our body's physiology) with their psycho-emotional benefits (through the olfaction of their aromatic molecules). The scents of our roll-ons and the choice of each essential oil in their composition are the result of extensive bibliographical research to combine physical and emotional well-being.

    Its essential oils under the microscope:

    • Peppermint essential oil: the menthol contained in this essential oil has a powerful analgesic and pain-relieving action, as well as having an intense cooling effect on the area where it is applied. Menthol is known to relieve headaches, migraines and neuralgia.
    • Lavandin super essential oil: rich in linalyl acetate, bornyl acetate and camphor molecules, with a soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, this essential oil adds its soothing action to this synergy.
    • Rosemary cineole essential oil: tonic and stimulating, this essential oil promotes concentration and stimulates the mind. As aromatherapist André Bitsas puts it, "a cephalic essential oil, banishing mental confusion and clearing the head".
    • Roman chamomile essential oil: rich in isobutyl angelate, isoamyl angelate and methylallyl angelate molecules with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. This essential oil soothes the central nervous system, calming irritability and anxiety.
    • Ginger essential oil: a venous and lymphatic decongestant thanks to its rich sesquiterpene content (zingiberene, bisabolene, farnesene...), this essential oil brings its analgesic, soothing and anti-inflammatory action to the synergy.
    • Sandalwood essential oil: sandalwood brings its venous decongestant properties to the synergy. Sandalwood and sandalwood molecules help to calm the central nervous system and relieve anxiety.
    • Lemon essential oil: lively and tangy, this essential oil stimulates the mind, provides a tonic effect in cases of mental fatigue and helps to clear the mind.

    These essential oils are diluted in a base of organic sesame oil for safe application by as many people as possible.

    This roll-on is suitable for adults and children aged 12 and over. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding, or for children under 12.

    This roll-on was created and manufactured by the herbalists at our Bioflore laboratory in Belgium.

    Apply to the temples and forehead, away from the eyes, as soon as you feel the need.

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • For external use only
    • Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children under the age of 12.
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients

    Slow cosmétique label