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    Organic cocoa extract

    Delicious, with an intense and velvety chocolate aroma, this extract naturally perfumes all your care products.

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    Its scent is delicious, sweet and comforting. It goes perfectly with the Vanilla Oily Macerate... 

    • INCI: Theobroma cacao extract
    • Origin: Extract produced in France
    • Agriculture: Certified organic
    • Production process: Hydroalcoholic extraction of cocoa powder, followed by removal of the solvent
    • Packaging: 10g glass jar
    • Storage: store in a cool place, away from light
    • External use

    The natural organic cocoa extract develops intense, warm and smooth chocolate flavours. It is obtained by hydro-alcoholic extraction of cocoa powder and evaporation of the solvent. The result is a viscous, dense liquid with a strong, pleasant cocoa aroma.

    It is used in cosmetics to give a very gourmand chocolate note to any face and body care products.

    In cosmetics, natural organic cocoa extract is ideal for making: a shea butter whipped cream for the body, a delicious body lotion, a chocolate lip balm, a comforting face treatment, a delicious massage oil.

    Recommended dosage: 2 to 3 drops to perfume your treatment

    • External use
    • As any cosmetic product, keep out of reach of children
    • Respect the recommended doses
    • This product is not suitable for atmospheric diffusion

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