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    Organic « Pare-Bleus »

    Made from organic immortelle, organic « Pare-Bleus » offers sportsmen and women a soothing effect on bruises and sore muscles. It is also a real treasure for playground injuries.

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    This synergy is back with a new formula created by our aromatherapist, André Bitsas. A synergy based on the very precious and powerful organic immortelle EO. Remarkable feature: the latter gives the synergy a particularly convincing action. To support the action of Helichrysum, the organic patchouli EO will bring its circulatory virtues but also its anti-inflammatory power which will appreciate as much the skin as the musculature. Peppermint EO, in lighter touches, will bring its refreshing and decongesting virtues. More than a simple dilution base, Arnica macerate in organic sunflower oil is a traditional preparation for the relief of muscles and joints. The synergy is suitable for "bruises" and various traumas of the locomotor system, such as sprains, strains... More widely, sportsmen and women will appreciate its soothing action on bruises and sore muscles. Recommended use: 1 to 2 sprays to be applied to the area to be treated, several times a day if necessary. Caution: not recommended for pregnant women. Composition : MH Arnica montana *, HE Helichrysum italicum *, Laurus nobilis*, Pogostemon cablin *, Mentha piperita * Organic control BE-BIO-01

    Slow cosmétique label