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    Aromatherapy, Body and Soul

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    Aromatherapy, Body and Soul by André Bitsas, founder of Bioflore and the School of Applied Aromatherapy, is dedicated to essential oils. A complete guide that addresses them in detail.

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    Author: André Bitsas (Bioflore) 14 x 22.5 cm - 280 pages - ISBN: 978-2-9303-5370-8 Aromatherapy has earned its credentials as a surprisingly responsive technique of care and healing. But its definition is not limited to this aspect alone. Much more than in other disciplines, it is impossible to ignore the strong "aromatic identity" of its raw material, the essence or essential oil, complex, volatile, intense, at the contact of which the human being systematically feels an emotion, whatever the strength or the colouring. It never leaves one indifferent. Nor is it possible to ignore the plant, and its environment, within which this raw material was elaborated, the one and only "laboratory of aromatherapy". By its very complexity, the aromatic essence is not a simple answer that is valid for everyone at every moment. It requires taking into account the human being as a whole: "body and soul"... More than 80 essences and essential oils are described both in terms of their medicinal properties and their psycho-emotional impact. Two forms complete the book. André Bitsas has been running Bioflore since 1993. He also teaches aromatherapy. His years of experience have made him a proponent of a multi-faceted aromatherapy, escaping any reductive definition.