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Calcium carbonate - 2 Kg

2Kg bucket. Essential for making natural homemade toothpastes, calcium carbonate can be used as a thickener in your preparations or as an opacifying agent. Its soft abrasive power makes it very interesting for gently polishing tooth enamel. It can be used in natural make-up recipes or to make ecological home cleaning products.

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  • INCI: Calcium carbonate
  • Packaging: 250g bag or 2kg bucket
  • Guaranteed nanoparticle-free
  • Origin: France

As a mild abrasive, opacifying and thickening agent, calcium carbonate is an essential ingredient in the preparation of natural toothpastes.

Its very gentle abrasive action gently polishes tooth enamel without damaging it.

Rich in natural calcium, it can be taken internally only on the advice of your doctor.

It is also known as a mild abrasive agent to be used in ecological household cleaning recipes for fragile surfaces.

  • keep out of reach of children
  • avoid contact with eyes, do not inhale

Slow cosmétique label