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    A natural routine to prevent stretch marks and care for your skin during pregnancy. Without essential oils, this routine is suitable for all skin types.

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    This pack contains

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      Organic virgin avocado oil

      Recognised as an excellent anti-wrinkle agent, organic avocado oil nourishes, softens, soothes and regenerates mature, tired and sensitive skin. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it is reputed to stimulate the production of collagen and is therefore used in the composition of natural slow anti-ageing skin care products.
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      Natural organic shea butter

      Organic shea butter is a real cosmetic in itself: natural, effective and multi-functional. Ideal for all skin types, it regenerates dry and dehydrated skin, chapped hands and lips, not to mention dry, curly and frizzy hair. It is an essential ingredient in your homemade cosmetic preparations: lip balm, cream, hair care...
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      Organic rose hip oil with vitamin E

      Rosehip oil with added organic vitamin E (0.2%) to help you keep it longer. Ideal alone locally on mature or problem skin. For a more extensive use, most often mixed with argan or apricot kernel oil, which is more neutral because this oil is powerful.
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      Organic Soap « Le Plus doux »

      The soap for toddlers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, reactive and delicate skin. It is also ideal for facial care. Rich in nourishing and protective shea butter, it also contains grape seed and rapeseed oils to soothe and balance the skin, as well as a small amount of calming white clay for delicate and irritation-prone skin.

    It includes: mild soap, shea butter, avocado vegetable oil, rose hip vegetable oil.


    Apply your avocado or rosehip oil alternately to your stomach, chest and thighs. You can also mix these two oils.


    In the shower, use the "Le Plus Doux" soap. Ideal for the face and body.

    Then spread shea butter on dry areas prone to stretch marks.

    Be careful, this butter is very greasy, so put on clothes that are "safe".



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