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    Organic Micronized Rice Powder 50g

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    Softening and matifying, it brings a velvety touch to the skin and can be used to make your face masks, dry shampoos, face or body creams and natural make-up.

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    • Botanical name: Oryza sativa
    • Botanical family: Poaceae
    • Origin: organically grown plants in Thailand
    • Production process: wholegrain rice micronised by a mechanical mill
    • Packaging: 50 g bag

    Very soft, rice powder is a 100% vegetable powder which brings a silky touch to the skin. Its fineness makes it an ideal carrier for all types of dry or rehydrating powder mixtures. It is used to make face masks, deodorants, face creams, powder perfumes and dry shampoos.

    To give a matte appearance to the skin, ideal for oily, combination or blemished skin. The rice powder will also be very gentle on sensitive skin.

    How to use it?

    • in a face mask, combined with clay, plant powder and/or a plant exfoliant
    • in a dry shampoo, with a plant powder such as orange powder, sage or nettle powder
    • as a support in your natural make-up recipes such as loose or compact powders
    • in a deodorant powder, for underarms or feet, combined with a clay
    • in your aqueous cosmetic formulas such as face cream or body lotion to provide a matifying effect
    • rice powder is very fine and volatile, we advise you to protect your respiratory tract when using it, wearing protective glasses is also recommended
    • like any cosmetic product, keep out of reach of children
    • no internal use

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