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    A precious duo for energetic facial massage that combines our organic “Fluide Bio Régénérateur” fluid and a massage stone. A gift to give yourself to illuminate the skin, smooth and relax the features, do yourself good with a precious care ritual.

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    Organic “Fluide Bio Régénérateur” 50 ml:

    a synergy of revitalizing and antioxidant essential oils and plant oils that illuminate the complexion, nourish and tone the skin, smooth out wrinkles and prevent their appearance.

    It is used: on the whole face and neck after cleansing, as a day and night treatment, alone or massaged in with your beauty stone

    A beauty stone massage pencil

    rose or white quartz, amethyst, tiger's eye, red jasper, aventurine, jade

    Ideal for regenerating and soothing facial massages and to enhance the action of your daily face oil. Each ethically sourced beauty stone provides its benefits to the skin.

    The gemstone stylus can be applied by rolling or gently pressing on the acupressure points of the face. Move from the centre of the face outwards to promote lymphatic drainage. Your stone can be washed gently with soap and water. Remember to recharge it regularly by placing it in the sun.

    Non-contractual photo: the design of the cotton pouch may vary.

    Stones at random from the pockets: pink quartz, white quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, red jasper, aventurine, jade.

    Slow cosmétique label



    1 reviews

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