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    Face routine - Sensitive skin

    Sensitivity, redness, irritation... Discover our soothing routine to comfort delicate skin.

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    This pack contains all the products for a complete skincare ritual to adopt on a daily basis. With our cleansing oil, Roman chamomile hydrosol, rosehip oil, “Douceur & Equilibre” face cream and a sachet of pink clay.


    1. In the morning, simply cleanse the skin with a hydrosol-soaked washable cotton pad. 
    2. Apply the “Douceur & Equilibre” neutral cream to the whole face and neck to which you will add a drop of rosehip vegetable oil. 


    1. Cleanse your skin with the cleansing oil.
    2. Then apply your hydrosol to calm and soften the skin. 
    3. Apply a few drops of rosehip oil all over your face and neck until the treatment is completely absorbed.


    1. Make a pink clay mask and leave it on your face and neck for 5 minutes before rinsing with clear water.
      The recipe: 3 tablespoons of pink clay, mixed with enough water to make a smooth and homogeneous paste.