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    Organic hazelnut CO2 extract - 15 ml

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    With its intense scent of roasted hazelnuts, this CO2 extract can be incorporated into your cosmetics to give them a fabulous fragrance. Concentrated in essential fatty acids and with a velvety feel, it penetrates the skin very quickly without leaving a greasy film. It can be used in a serum, a cream or a body oil. It is also a marvel in the kitchen for flavouring desserts.

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    • Botanical name: Corylus avellana
    • Botanical family: Betulaceae
    • Organically grown plants in Turkey
    • Packaging: 15 ml amber glass bottle
    • Part used: Fruit 
    • Production process: Supercritical CO2 extraction of freshly roasted organic hazelnuts

    Highly concentrated in 4 and rich in aromatic compounds, this organic hazelnut CO2 extract surprises with its intense and fabulous scent of freshly roasted hazelnuts.

    Its very fine and evanescent oily texture penetrates easily into the skin without leaving a greasy film.

    It is ideal for naturally perfuming home cosmetics such as creams, balms and massage oils. It is also a precious and renowned ingredient in fine perfumery where it is used solubilised in a suitable alcoholic base.

    In cooking, its richness in aromatic compounds allows it to be used to flavour creams, ice creams, desserts, cakes, hot chocolates, etc., to which it will add a delicious taste of hazelnut praline.

    In natural cosmetics, this CO2 extract is dosed at 1 to 3% of your preparation.

    • in a delicious lip balm
    • in a natural organic perfume, previously solubilised in an alcoholic base adapted to perfumery
    • in a gourmet body massage oil, combined with hazelnut, macadamia and argan oils for example
    • in a hand, body or face moisturiser
    • in an autumn-scented body milk
    • in an oily face serum

    In cooking, this CO2 extract can be dosed from 1 drop per plate to 1 teaspoon per litre of preparation.

    • in coffee, hot chocolate, plant milk drinks, ice cream, desserts, liqueurs, cakes, etc.

    • As with any cosmetic product, keep out of reach of children
    • Test in the elbow crease 48 hours before use to ensure that no reaction occurs
    • Respect the recommended dosage

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