Wild lavender  - lavandula angustifolia Miller/Chaix

Wild lavender - lavandula angustifolia Miller/Chaix

Officinal lavender with its well-known floral fragrance. Invigorating and stimulating, its scent encourages concentration and supports the memory. Relaxing in cases of stress, it provides muscle relaxation and inner calm. Fragile and sensitive skin appreciates its gentleness. Very useful in aromatherapy, for novices and experts alike.

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The word "lavender" comes from the Latin "lavare", meaning to wash. In the past, lavender was used in bath water and to wash clothes. Miller/Chaix organic True Lavender is grown in the South of France at a relatively low altitude. Its essential oil, obtained by distillation of the flowering tops, has typical aromatic notes.


Internal use:

  • Oral ++

External use:

  • Respiratory:
    Gentle olfaction +++
    Inhalation +++
    Diffusion +++
  • Skin : +++
  • Bath: +++


External use +++

  • Face +++
  • Body +++
  • Hair +++


  • Internal use ++

This essential oil of Lavender officinalis Miller/Chaix is slightly less rich in esters, but richer in linalool, a calming molecule. Inexpensive, it is a great help in many situations, but is less specific on a psycho-emotional level.


Internal use

  • Calming and relaxing, contributes to good quality sleep.

External use

  • Stimulating, helps concentration and memory.
  • Calming, promotes restful sleep.
  • Relaxing, provides muscular comfort.
  • Helps to care for and repair irritated or damaged skin.


For external use

  • Adds a floral touch to cosmetic treatments.
  • Soothing and regenerating, helps care for red or sensitive skin.
  • Tones and regenerates problem skin and scalps.


Internal use

  • Goes well with desserts (ice creams, biscuits, etc.), adds original taste and smell notes.

Each lavender essential oil has its own temperament. The soft, floral nuance characteristic of fine lavender is less pronounced here, and the tonicity of the linalool is more pronounced. While it too regulates emotional instability well, it is more expressive and less inward-looking.

The information given in this Guide to essential oils is for information purposes only: it is a summary of the properties described in recognised aromatherapy books and/or in accordance with ancestral and popular traditions. The properties presented are taken from the works cited in the bibliography below. They do not constitute medical information or a list of indications.

  • Food supplement. Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dose (2 drops twice a day, maximum 140 mg).
  • Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. May be used by the skin from the second trimester onwards, in strict compliance with the recommended dosage and only on the advice of a health professional.
  • Not recommended for young children. May be used from the age of 30 months, in strict compliance with the dosage recommendations and only on the advice of a healthcare professional.
  • Risk of allergy (limonene, linalool): take care not to overdose in mixtures. An elbow test is recommended prior to any application to the skin (at least 48 hours before use).
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • Keep away from sources of heat and light.

Emotional impact
Seek emotional comfort
Olfactory notes
Skin type
Dry skin,  Normal skin,  Oily skin,  Sensitive skin,  Wrinkles & fine lines,  blemished skin,  mixed skin
Slow cosmétique label
Calm & soothing,  Muscular comfort,  Stress,  headache,  relax,  sunburn