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    Organic St John's wort solar macerate - Bioflore' garden

    Also called "St John's wort", St John's wort is THE plant of the summer solstice. It offers us a macerate that turns red, ideal for all seasons. It is used to soothe, purify and soften the skin, while relieving redness and minor burns. In summer, it is a natural after-sun.

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    Hypericum perforatum L. 

    Botanical family: Clusiaceae

    Plants grown organically in our Bioflore gardens in Belgium

    Origin : France 

    Part used : Flowering tops

    INCI: Helianthus annuus seed oil, Tocopherol, Hypericum perforatum flower extract

    Storage: store in a cool place, away from light.

    This macerate comes from our gardens in Wavre, Belgium. Once harvested by hand, the St. John's Wort flowers are infused in organic virgin sunflower oil, which absorbs their active ingredients during a slow maceration in the sun and turns a beautiful shade of red.

    This macerate is traditionally used to soothe redness, burns, sunburn and irritations.

    Its composition under the microscope:

    • It is rich in hypericin, which gives it its beautiful red tint and its anti-inflammatory action, as well as its photosensitizing effect (see precautions for use).
    • It contains hyperforin, which gives it a purifying and regenerating action.

    How to use it for the natural beauty of the skin?

    • in an after-sun oil recipe, alone or mixed with soothing essential oils of lavender aspic, Roman chamomile, lavender officinalis
    • in a recipe for a soothing balm for redness, with calendula macerate, shea butter and essential oils of helichrysum and fine lavender
    • in your recipes for soothing oils and balms for irritated areas, alongside repairing ingredients such as rose hip oil
    • Do not expose to the sun after use to avoid any risk of photosensitization
    • Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women or young children
    • For external use only, do not ingest
    • As with all cosmetic products, keep out of reach of young children

    Slow cosmétique label