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    Organic Arômes de vitalité

    Bioflore's Arômes de Vitalité synergy provides background energy when all your potential is required and is also used to prevent states of fatigue, apathy and mental confusion. In this case, it is in the morning and in the hollow of the kidneys that the friction will be applied.

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    What the Arômes de Sérénité synergy has in common is the adaptogenic quality that allows you to cope with any stressful situation without suffering the negative effects. The intention of this synergy is not to provide you with a short-lived, fake excitement. On the contrary, it provides you with background energy when all your potential is required and to prevent fatigue, apathy and mental confusion. Additional benefit: during the active day, it strengthens the ground to keep painful, inflammatory and allergic outbreaks at bay. The contribution of emblematic trees of aromatherapy, by their wood or their leaves, is necessarily important. To find a natural alternation between the phases of energy expenditure and the phases of energy recovery, we recommend you to use it in alternation with the synergy Aromas of Serenity, the latter being used in the evening. How to use it 7 drops, twice a day on average, in the morning and at midday, to be rubbed alternately on the solar plexus and the lower back. As a precaution, dilute this amount in a little vegetable oil. 2 to 3 drops in your shower gel as an active base for an energising massage oil (proportion of the mixture in the vegetable oil: 5-10%) for diffuser lavender*, laurel*, black spruce*, Scots pine*, Atlas cedar*, juniper berries*, ginger*, lemon*, vetiver*) Essential oils of organic quality, Certisys controlled.

    Slow cosmétique label