Beautiful skin in 3 minutes without make-up

Beautiful skin in 3 minutes without make-up

How to get a beautiful glow, a luminous skin and a fresh complexion in the morning, in a few minutes, without make-up?

We reveal our simple and ultra-fast ritual for mornings in a hurry: 2 daily gestures and a mask once a week, that's the recipe for a beautiful skin without effort and without make-up!

Step 1 - Hydrosol to wake up the skin

There is no need to wash your face in the morning with a foaming skin care product, as your skin did not get dirty during the night. To preserve its balance and avoid the overproduction of sebum, simply tone your skin with a hydrosol that will provide a light cleansing without aggressing the skin.

Our favourite organic hydrosols for radiance:

The right thing to do: clean your face in the morning with a washable wipe or spray the hydrosol directly onto your face. Remove excess moisture by dabbing your face with a clean towel.

Step 2 - An oil rich in carotenoids

After toning the skin with a hydrosol, apply a few drops of a carotenoid-rich vegetal oil all over the face and neck as a day treatment. These oils will instantly brighten the skin by providing a very natural healthy glow thanks to their orange colour. Over time, these products give the skin a nice, gradual tan, preparing it for the sun and providing the skin with a powerful antioxidant action.

Our favourite healthy glow treatments:

  • Spring face oil: a trio of fine oils of apple, raspberry and rosehip, which gives a healthy glow, prevents skin ageing and prepares the skin for the spring sun. Without essential oil, this oil is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Organic Illuminating Fluid: ideal for sensitive, normal, mature or tired skin, this "magic wand" fluid gives the skin an immediate boost of freshness and makes the cheeks look rosy thanks to the richness of carotenoids in organic raspberry oil. A synergy of essential oils brings a revitalising, healing and soothing action to this treatment.
  • Rosehip oil (CO2 extract): the magic oil that is suitable for all skin types and brings a "walk in the sun" effect to the complexion thanks to its beautiful orange colour. Non-comedogenic, it is suitable for both acne-prone and mature skin and has a healing and regenerating effect on damaged skin.

Step 3 - The radiance mask, once a week

Our radiance mask: Perfect for revealing the skin's luminosity, this mask is used once a week or when the need arises ( short night, the day after an evening out, dull skin, drawn features...). It combines skin-firming rose powder, illuminating and antioxidant hibiscus powder and decongesting and purifying white clay.

Practical reminder:

  1. In the evening, cleanse your skin with the Douceur make-up remover oil, even if you don't use make-up. This oil removes pollution, impurities and make-up without altering the skin's hydrolipidic film. It leaves the skin pure and moisturised.
  2. For an extra dose of hydration, consider the Moisturising and Replumping Serum with hyaluronic acid, to be mixed in the palm of your hand with your healthy glow face oil. If you're more of an organic aloe vera gel fan, it's the same procedure!

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