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    Copaiba essential oil

    The copaiba is a large tree of the Amazon rainforests, whose wood secretes a fluid substance, traditionally used by the Amerindians. It is said to be a means of defence against undesirable hosts (insects, fungi, etc.). This natural oleoresin, called "balsam", is distilled into an essential oil with subtle, resinous and woody aromas.

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    Quality Botanical family: Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinoidae) Latin name: Copaifera martii or Copaifera officinalis Other name: Copaïba balsam Origin: Brazil Culture: Conventional Part used: Aromatic resin (or oleoresin) Production process: Steam distillation Quality: 100% pure, natural, integral and chemotyped Olfactory notes: woody, smoky, spicy, resinous, balsamic Main constituents Sesquiterpenes: beta-caryophyllene (62.6%), alpha-humulene (7.3%), alpha-copaene (3.8%), beta-biabolene and beta-selinene (3%), germacrene D (2.5%) Our opinion A thousand-year-old tradition in the Amazonian forest, which the magic of distillation invites us to experience in our turn. A mixture of complex aromas, where woody power and mystical sweetness come together. Let's not be afraid of words: it never disappoints. Precautions for use Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy, while breastfeeding and in children under 3 years of age. An elbow test is recommended prior to any skin application (min 48 hours before use). Limit its use over time. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and light.

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