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    Organic sweet fennel essential oil

    A plant native to Europe, known since antiquity. A sacred herb for the Celts and commonly cultivated in monastic gardens in the Middle Ages, its bulbous variety is appreciated in cooking as a vegetable for its aromatic flavours. Its tall stems end in light yellow umbels that flower from July to September. Its fruits, harvested in autumn, yield an essential oil with a typical aniseed flavour.

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    Quality Botanical family: Apiaceae Latin name: Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce Other names: finocchio, Florence fennel Origin: Hungary Cultivation: Controlled organic agriculture - Certisys-BE1 control Part used: Seed Production process: Steam distillation Quality: 100% pure, natural, integral and chemotyped Olfactory notes: aniseed, fennel characteristics, some hay notes Main constituents Methyl ether phenols: trans-anethole (76%), estragol Terpenes: limonene (8%), pinenes Ketones: fenchone (3%) Note Do not confuse Sweet Fennel and Bitter Fennel essential oils. Moreover, they can be obtained from the seeds, the flowering plant, the whole plant... and thus give essential oils that are different from each other. In this case we are talking about the essential oil of sweet fennel, obtained from the seeds. Our opinion Although the seeds of the sweet fennel have been used since the dawn of time with a certain ease, its essential oil is certainly magnificent but delicate to use. To be reserved for experts. Precautions for use Potentially neurotoxic and abortifacient essential oil, which also has oestrogen-like properties. Strictly contraindicated in pregnant and breast-feeding women, children under 12 years of age, elderly people, people with epilepsy or a history of convulsions, and allergic people. Contraindicated in cases of cancer or hormone-dependent diseases. Not recommended in the case of coagulation disorders or anticoagulant treatment, antidiabetic treatment, hepatic insufficiency, and in the polymedicated subject. Preferably for use through the skin. Use only on medical advice. Risk of allergy (limonene): take care not to overdose in mixtures. An elbow test is recommended prior to any skin application (min 48 hours before use). Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and light. Prohibited for sale to the public in France, due to the regulation on essential oils used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages (according to the Public Health Code).

    Smooth digestion
    painful periods
    Develop a capacity for detachment
    Promote lucidity and mental acuity
    Slow cosmétique label